Catch Us If U Can moral value : kindness

The world is full of kind people. Granda says this after total strangers help him and Rory without any condition. The moral value of kindness is highlighted in the novel.

Even Rory’s teacher, Mrs Foley is concerned to Rory. She feels bad looking after granda is too much for the boy. When Rory tell her about Castle Street, she even thinks of fostering Rory out of kindness of her heart.

Strangers like Tyrone’s family show kindness to Rory and granda who are in need of help. It does not matter to them that they do not know these two people at all. All they know is that the two people are fugitive who need help to runaway from the authorities so that they can be together.

Ruby helps tha pair out of kindness. That is why she later refuses Rory’s money. She says she wanted to help him because he needs it and not for money.

Samy and Annie offer to drive Rory and granda to train station. This is a kind gesture to people they have just met. They suggest that Rory and granda escape by train to Glasgow. Due to their kindness, granda says he will never call them tickles again.


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