Catch Us If U Can moral value : responsibility

The novel highlights the moral value of responsibility. In doing so, it stresses that one has to assume responsibility in what one does. Otherwise, there will be unhappy results.

This moral value is portrayed by some characters. One such character is Rory. Feeling that it is his responsibility to look after his granda, he tries his best to carry out his duties eventhough there are too much for a young boy. Granda also comes out his responsibilities toward Rory after his son walked out on them. Granda treats Rory as his only son after Rory’s father abandons them.

As for the others, they help Rory and granda for they feel it is their responsibility to do so. Dr Nicol feels it is his responsibility to recommend a social worker for granda. So he sends Val Jessup. Val Jessup decides to sends granda to Rachnadar for she feel it is a responsibility.

Darren’s mother feel it is her responsibility to inform the police about the fugitives hiding in her caravan. Tyrone’s family help the fugitives for they believe it is their responsibility to help people in need. Even when Norma informs the police about Rory’s and granda’s whereabout. She does so out of a sense of responsibility towards the boy and the old man.


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