Catch Us If U Can theme : friendship

The novel highlights the theme of friendship which is portrayed throughout the novel.

Friendship get things going. Darren is Rory’s best friend. He risks his mother’s anger by lending Rory the caravan to hide him. When his mother informs the police, he immediately sends Rory a text to warn him.

At Castle Street, Rory makes new friends with residents. They are Tony, Tom, Jackie, and Georgie. They help him to settle down at the home.

One of the benefits of Rory’s and granda’s escape, he’s making new friends. These new friends help them to be together. A strong friendship and bond is established between them.

Tyrone’s family members become new friends of Rory and Granda. Rory finds new friends in people about his age. They are Tyrone and his cousin, Zara. Not only have these people help them in their escape, new friendship is formed.

Rab and Annie also become their new friends. When Rab and Annie are about to married, they even invite Rory and granda to the wedding.


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